VXX - Update

In the Sep 1st AllAllan Update, VXX, Lying In Wait, we described VXX  this way: 

"This will be our next big trade (not counting our TSLA annual shareholders meeting trade). It went out to Subscribers today, but has not yet been triggered. Obviously, I suggesting -no make that urging - all past and/or new subscribers to jump back in, if only for this one trade."

Following up, here is a chart of our VXX Short-Term Trend Model, with a Buy Signal that was generated in the PRO Service last week:


The Sep 7th Buy in the PRO Service has netted good results so far, with more expected:

The next trigger is very close, an Intermediate VXX Buy that is based on Daily price bars, maybe as soon as Monday-Tuesday. As you can see in VXX Intermediate Term chart, there is a lot of air above the VXX downtrend line, i.e., there will be a lot to gain on this next trade. 

What I meant on Sep 1st  by "a good time to jump back in," is that if you are serious about trading options, this the trade that is worth the price of admission: a subscription to one of our trading services, even if only for one month in order to get this next VXX Buy, and the calls that will go along with it. 

Blue Line Trading, Premium & PRO Subscription Link (PRO subscription includes Premium)

As for TSLA, we are zeroing in on Jun 2023 LEAPS for our next ten bagger, although one these VXX trades may get there first.