VXX - Lying In Wait

This will be our next big trade (not counting our TSLA annual shareholders meeting trade). It went out to Subscribers today, but has not yet been triggered. Obviously, I suggesting -no make that urging - all past and/or new subscribers to jump back in, if only for this one trade.

VXX - Our Next Big Trade

VXX has yet to generate an Intermediate Term Buy Signal, but as set out last week, I am accumulating some calls in anticipation of an imminent Buy. This is the kind of trade that may take a couple swings before getting it right. That's OK with me, as is evidenced by our experience in Feb-Mar 2020. VXX is the proverbial coiled spring, getting more wound up with each passing day. 

Here are the two VXX trades from the Covid crash of 2020. This is what I am expecting before the end of the year, and likely before the end of September:

As anticipated in the Weekend Update, watching the market this week has been like watching paint dry. This should all change toward the end next week and last into Thanksgiving. There will be a lot going on in the next few months, so enjoy this calm before the storm.