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We use a proprietary algorithm and apply it to our portfolio of stocks and ETFs. Our subscribers get full access to the trade alerts in real time via email and Push Notification!

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We follow a simple, effective approach to trading. No guess work or complicated technical analysis. Our subscribers receive trade alerts in real time! Get the alert, take the trade!

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NFLX---amazing! My best return in four months! And it all happened overnight. Got out completely at 7:30AM PST with a 207% return. And I bought the calls somewhat reluctantly. Discipline to the system paid off handsomely.


I have tried so many more involved, complicated ways to try get an edge sooner in determining the trend, with minimal whipsaws, but none can consistently beat what you have.


 I used portions of my profit to pay tuition for Pharmacy School... Funded 3 weddings... and paid for evacuation/renovation expenses for two hurricanes. Real money can make real things happen. This service is invaluable to those that can follow the price, signals, and TREND!! Thanks Allan. Your service is light years ahead of others I've used in the past. 


Thanks for the great service, education and communications. I’ve been subscribing to professional services like this for 25 yrs and your service is the only I found that ACTUALLY WORKS! 


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