The Moon Is Not A Harsh Mistress

The moon's a harsh mistress
She's hard to call your own.

                          -Jimmy Webb

Back in May of this year I introduced a trading system for Bitcoin based on a two week cycle coinciding with the new and full moon cycle:

          Two-week Cycle For Bitcoin/GBTC

Since then the Blue Line Premium Service added MARA options to the mix, buying calls at cycle lows and reversing to puts at cycle highs. This one trading system in and of itself is worth the price of admission to our trading service, or it would if the cycle was any good.

Let's bring it forward from that May post and see how it has done:



(1) From May 11th to Oct 6th, MARA shares have risen from $25.95 to $38.96 for a gain of 50%. 

(2) Buying the shares at the full moon closes and shorting at the new moon closes resulted in a gain of $37.37, or 144%.  

(3) Going long the shares on the full moon closes and going to cash at the new moon closes (skipping the shorts) resulted in a gain of $24.93, or 96%.

(4) Trading at-the-money calls and puts in accordance with the trades above resulted in a gain of approximately a godzillion percent. 

(5) No, the moon is not a harsh mistress.  

Best holiday wishes,