This is my QQQ chart included in Saturday's Weekend Update. There are three key indicators highlighted on the chart, two of which I've already alluded to here in the All Allan complimentary newsletter: (1) Fear & Greed Index; (2) EW Analysis

Excerpt from Nov 26th Blue Line Premium Weekend Update 

Moving Forward

Into next week we will be looking for signs of the next leg down is underway and as is our want we will be monitoring key levels across a half dozen indices and/or ETF's that if broken will eliminate any bullish interpretation of pattern recognition patterns. First, the PRO Service which updates shorter-term patterns with almost daily noon updates, and then the Premium Service which provides late afternoon updates on more of an "as needed" basis, we will be legging into new put positions and maybe more importantly, new call positions in one or more volatility indices. The details of symbols, strikes and expirations will be forthcoming depending on market action. However, if you just have to do something before hearing from me again, whether that be on Monday or Tuesday, the Jan 20th UVXY $8C looks about as attractive as a highly speculative bet on imminent market drama can be, currently trading at about  $1.08-1.10.

Look at it like this: If the implications of the DSI Indicator, the Fear & Greed Index, and the Big Picture Multiple Degrees of Third Waves Down, come to pass between now and Jan 20, 2023 (eight weeks) then UVXY will be up a minimum of 50%, i.e., $12, and maybe twice or three times that ($16-24) and that UVXY $8.00C @ $1.10 calls will then be trading between $4/16), or up about 4X to 14X. 

Bonus Chart - SPX & Option Skew