QQQ Short & Intermediate Term Trades

QQQ - Intermediate vs Short Term Trading

Our Premium Service trades Intermediate Term trends and therefore looks mostly to go out 2-3 months on its trades. The PRO Service trades a little shorter term, looking at "next month" expirations. Here are two recent QQQ trades from each service:

Two-Month Trade

This trade went out to the Blue Line Premium Group on August 22 with QQQ at about $314, buying the QQQ Oct 21st $310 Puts @ $12.00. They settled at expiration on Friday's close @ $39.73, for a gain of 231.08%.

One-Month Trade

This trade went out to the Blue Line PRO Group on Aug 19th with QQQ at about $322, buying the Sep 16th $315 Puts @ $5.90. They settled  on Sep 16th expiration @ $25.22, for a gain of 387.29%:


This weekend I sent out a trade for the Premium Service for a "next month" expiration because of the forecasted move in the underlying index ETF is expected to be deep, and dramatic, creating a four-week window for a significant percentage gainer. The December and January monthly expirations are also attractive, but thiis one of those rare occasions when even Intermediate Term option traders may do well to hitch a ride on a "shorter-term" trade. 

QQQ - Short & Intermediate Term Forecast 

There are a lot of things happening on this chart but the key take-away is that once price falls out of the Fibonacci Reversal Area (shaded square) it will be embarking on a Wave 3 of (3) down to its 2022 lows.