TSLA, Again

The past three updates of this free weekend version of my work were all loudly and hopefully persuasively, POUNDING THE TABLE TO BUY TSLA CALLS:

The result, from May 19 to Jun 9th TSLA ran up from $180 to $250. As the chart below indicates, TSLA has come through with exceptional gains for shares and all three calls that have been recommended in the PRO Service with gains as high as +600%, as well as two more recommended in the Premium Service, with its gains as high as +500%. Below, a PRO Alert in its entirety from last Friday morning. You can still sign-up for 50% off the first month (link to instructions here) and as you can read in the Alert below, there is a lot more to come in the months and years ahead. 


BLUE LINE TRADING PRO ALERT - Friday after the Open

TSLA - Alternate Trailing Stop


If you have taken all of the PRO recommended TSLA trades in the past few months your TSLA call portfolio should looks something like is shown in the table embedded in the 240 minute chart below. 

TSLA 240 Minute Trading Model

Included in this chart is our 240 minute trading model with its running signal line. Breaking above or below this price line is what triggers its trading signals. Note the Buys on Mar 21st and May 5th correspond to the option Buys in the table. It takes more than a token breach for the signals to trigger, but if you are following this model bar by bar, as I often find myself as trades draw near, you get to know when a Buy or Sell arrow is about to appear, signaling a short or intermediate term move. The line can also serve as a stop in cases where you are protecting a profit, as is the case now. You can take profits any time and for any reason at all, even for no reason if that is how you roll, but for our purposes, especially with the two Sep 15th calls, we wouldn't want to be holding those calls if TSLA were to close below that signal line, currently around 224-225. 

On a personal note:

For all PRO Subscribers holding the three positions shown in the table above, Kudos on having the taken three stellar trades in our main squeeze, soon to be entering the Wave 3 of (3) recognition phase and what we expect will be a run to a new all time high above $414.50 (Nov 1, 2021). Further out, $1,000 by January 2025 and depending on the structure of that move, $2,000+ in the second half of the decade.