Jim Cramer TSLA Shares to SURGE to $400

The link to the Jim Cramer TSLA Shares to SURGE to $400 video is at the bottom of this page. You can skip to it now, or, take five minutes to read what we have been doing with TSLA at Blue Line Trading first and read my reasoning on why you should "do the math" and sign-up to our Blue Line Trading Service. Let's start with the PRO Trade: 

TSLA 240 Minute Trading Model 

This is our 240 minute trading model used to swing trade TSLA options exclusively in our PRO Trading Service. Key points here include the most recent Buy Signal on May 5th, the calls we purchased pursuant to that Buy Signal, including their performance stats since entry, and finally, our target for where TSLA will be by or before expiration. What is not included is our exit strategy should TSLA not continue its course higher in the weeks ahead. That is reserved for subscribers and we have updated the relevant price levels as of our most recent Weekend Update. Suffice it to say that in a worst case scenario, a generous positive percentage gain is locked in.

That is why you pay for a service like mine, for trading signals, identification of the most attractive risk:reward linked options and trade management parameters that are designed to maximize gains and minimize losses. Once a certain positive threshold is reached, all risk is removed and just a little further up the price scale, generous gains are secured. In those trades where our targets are reached, 10X gains are realized. Why else would you trade options? 

Below is the link to our free newsletter that went out just days before the TSLA May 5th Buy Signal. Since you are reading this, you probably read that one as well. Had you tried the PRO service for the then offered 50% first month discount, you would be sitting on 275% gains on this trade today, with an exit strategy that locks in a minimum of 150% gains no matter what happens next. 

TSLA: The Next 5 Years; A Wonder To Behold

This is another chance to try Blue Line Trading for 50% off the first month, that's half off either service, Premium (regularly $99/mo) or PRO (regularly $249/mo). Had you taken the current TSLA trade, bought one option contract for $840, that contract would be worth $3,281 today, less the $124.50 it cost to join the service. Do the math. 

Note: The Premium Service also bought these calls (see chart below), but entry was later, and current gains are only +215%. On the other hand, the trial only would have set you back $49 instead of $124.50. Your choice. 

TSLA Daily Trading Model - Premium Service

How To Sign Up @ 50% First Month Discount

To get this discount, go to the sign up page and enter the code: GOPRO@50% for either service selected. Here is an idea: Start off with PRO and if you don't make 300% on your first trade or for whatever reason don't think the PRO Service is right for you, either cancel you subscription or set your account convert to the less expensive Premium subscription going forward. Both can be done online, without having to deal with a human. They are overrated, anyway. All in on AI.  

All PRO Subscriptions also include the Premium Service, so a PRO subscription is like getting two services in one. You should be able to decide by the end of the first month which service is right for you..or make so much money on your first trade it won't matter. That would be my preference. 

TSLA Video of the Week