Special Standard & Premium Services Update

Earlier today I sent out the Alert below to subscribers who have signed up to the new Blue Line PRO Service. To refresh your memory, this service uses hourly price bars for its trading signals. It's a very short term service, with trades designed to last from 5-10 trading days. Here is a full description of the service, taken from last weekend's update: Blue Line Pro. My purpose here to to point out what the new service is capable of as the Dow dropped 400 points intraday today. 

Send us an email if you want to upgrade: service@bluelinetradingsystem.com


BLUE LINE PRO: Last Week's Sell Signals 

Today's decline and the generation of only one new hourly signal (MMM already +35%) is prompting me to post the sell signals that were generated last week, before we started trading hourly price bars in this new service. It was my decision not to jump into any existing signals on Monday (nor any of the repeat signals on Monday), which as you can see in the charts below, was a really bad decision. The charts also illustrate how powerful the short term signals can be