Weekend Update: Faster Paced Option Trading

 Blue Line Pro: New Faster Paced Option Trading

I am adding a third tier trading service to the mix, one designed for a little more action based upon hourly price bars. It should average about 1 trade per day, although some days there will be none, other days more as per system criteria. The same general parameters vis a vis profit taking can effectively be applied, although this service is designed for the more independent option trader who is willing to be flexible on exits. In other words, there will be a lot more room for decisions on the run as an alternative to the 35/75 exit strategy. I'm committing to be hands-on with this service, i.e., available (via email) during the day for any questions that may arise in trading these shorter-term signals. After a real time track record of a month or so, I suspect a lot of subscribers will opt into this new system. A full description is below this weekend's trading tables. 


Weekend Update: The Week That Was

The market in May has so far been mostly down, although we had two excellent Long trades on Wednesday with MSFT and TWLO. The uptrend from the December 27th lows has broken initial trend regression channels illustrated on the QQQ and SPY charts below. Next week is shaping up as an important week in determining whether the run-up is over, or this past week has been just a buying opportunity on the way to new highs. 



One down day does not a buying opportunity make, especially when price has not touched even the 38.2% retracement level. Even during its massive run-up on 2017, both bitcoin and GBTC had some steep retracements. Keep stops at 6.50







Blue Line Pro Trading Service

Enough subscribers have shown an interest and in some cases and eagerness for more active trading, that I have decided it is worth the extra effort to provide such a service. The signals I have been getting on hourly (60 minute) price bars have been stellar, many preceding existing signals by enough margin to make a big difference in trade-to-trade results. It is obviously more labor intensive for me to monitor hourly price charts, but the ends justify the means. 

More Trades: Less Talk

(1) Shorter-term time horizons (3-7 days) based upon signals generated from hourly price bars; 

(2) Personal support during trading hours (via email) for any trade related questions;

(3) The use of weekly option expirations whenever there are at least 10 trading days to expiration. Weekly options provide powerful leverage without being held back by excessive time premium;

(4) All trade recommendations will be via email (starting out through AllanTrends Fastmail server) and soon on a new app designed for instantaneous alerts; 

(5) All alerts will be simple and to the point:   

Buy Signal: TWLO

Option: May 31st $130 call (@ 8.50 or less) 

This is a stand-alone trading service i.e., it is independent from the current Standard and Premium level services. The cost is $249/mo, which or equivalent to about $10-15 per trades and includies timely trade support as needed. 

Most of the daily as well as the 180 minute big winners have been preceded by hourly signals in the same direction. That means at least a 2-hour head start in meaningful price moves and at times an overnight head start. Some stocks are working better than others in this shorter times frame, so I've condensed the basket of trading stocks to those consistently performing well based upon the hourly signals. Adding that to weekly option expirations produces a compelling new option trading system for active traders. 


Basket of Best 25 Hourly Signal Stocks



These stocks average about 1 trade per month on their hourly trading charts, some months will have 2-3 trading signals per stock, some months none. With 25 stocks, there will be enough signals so you don't have to take them all and you can easily scalp quick profits while waiting for new trades. Note also the diversification into different sectors. This is a robust, "as much action as you want," trading system. 

Blue Line Pro Sign-Up

(1) If you are a current subscriber to either the Standard or Premium service, send me an email (apharris@mac.com) and I will sign you up under your current account info. This service is separate and apart from the current Standard and Premium Services

(2) If you are not a current subscriber to either the Standard or Premium Service, go to this link and sign up: Blue Line Pro