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A Big Picture Strategy

  Here is an excerpt from the Blue Line Trading Weekend Update for Saturday, March 16, 2019.  ------------- Big Picture Update "The harder they com...

What You Missed

  This is what subscribers are getting for $79/mo.  First, NSTG, our cutting edge genomics stocks:    Second, for active short-term option traders...


  The pig-through-the-python is a metaphor describing the baby boomer generation bulge moving through the cultural and economic cycles of the past ...

Two roads diverged in the wood

  On Saturday famed omnipotent "Oracle of Omaha," Warren Buffet issued his company's much awaited annual report. The messiah came through as usual ...

New App is On The Way!

We have had so many requests over the past year for a true mobile app (which can send out push notifications of our daily updates and trade alerts ...



Trading Small; Trading Often

  Editors Note: This is an excerpt from the February 2nd Weekend Update that went out to subscribers on Saturday. I've omitted the "Big Picture Up...
Blue Line Trading Performance

Blue Line Trading Performance

Direct Link to Performance Table: Link to Blue Line Trading System Home Page:
BLT Intro!

BLT Intro!

Welcome to Blue Line Trading System! A Proprietary Stock Options Trading System. Subscribe Today and Get Our Trades In Real-Time!!
Trade Of The Week

Trade Of The Week

The market is on the cusp of a Wave 3 down and we have a strategy for identifying and entering that decline with SPY puts. The video describes the logic of the trade and gives specific parameters for identifying when that decline will begin (broken Wave 2 trend line), where the premise is invalidated (DJIA above 25,000) and at what levels SPY and DJIA will meet and exceed during the course of the decline (Dec 24th closing low). The risk on this trade (March at-the-money puts) is about 50%, while the reward, if the Dec 24th low is exceeded, is +400% or higher. Visit us for more info and performance table: Option trading involves risk, big time risk...along with big time reward.

The Most Important Post Of The Year

      Blue Line Trading did not exist in 2007-2008 so that the signals embedded on this chart do not represent actual real time trades. What do t...
Clusters Of Sells

Clusters Of Sells

Clusters are repeat signals prior to big moves in the direction of the trend. A single repeat signal sets-up a high probability trade, a second repeat, the 3rd signal in the same direction is an ALL-IN very high probability set-up. When we see them we pounce. Blue Line Trading: Performance: