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TSLA Special Alert

TSLA Special Alert From Baron Funds (On Twitter)  "On Tuesday, June 9 at 7:30am, Baron Capital CEO Ron Baron will appear on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” to...

TSLA Monday Update

TSLA was up over 7%, and our newly recommended calls up about 50% across the one day. Investor's Business Daily finally noticed and name...

Tesla Update

[This is a copy of the weekend update that went out to Blue Line subscribers this weekend.] By Blue Line Trading on May 30, 2020   In this...

Same Old, Same Old Mania & Crash, Part II

Interim Big Picture Update

  The retracement rally continues to be confined within a steeply upsloping channel. Yesterday's push up from channel line support was impressive, ...

The Message of 23,500

This chart should be self-explanatory. I went into more detail in this weekend's video: Simple Is As Simple Does.   The only other message that wa...

The New Normal

I sent this out to Blue Line subscribers about an hour before today's close. It's a Wave 3 down and a good time to give an aggressive option tradi...

"There Is A Lot of Value In Making Things"

"There is a lot of value in making things." - Elon Musk


[Sunday May 3rd edit: 3:45 PT: Dow Futures -300]   Excerpt from May 2nd subscription service: "Weekend Update: SICK"  "Pattern recognition set-ups ...

The 9¢ Just-In-Case Play

  The 9¢ Just-In-Case Play

Just Charts

    Tesla's Stochastic's: YouTube Video  Preview:  

4 Bears & A Bull

These two charts are the co-stars of my newest YouTube video. Link Below   4 Bears & A Bull