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My point being that because of where the market is right now, and because of what the Dow did today (Tuesday) if there ever was a time to try out the services, either one, THIS IS THAT TIME. Option traders should recognize the value of those up and down arrows on the Dow chart below. This is the Intermediate Term Trend Model we use in the Premium Service ($99/mo). 

Let's take a closer look: 

This is our Short Term Trend Model, based on hourly price bars for shorter-term trading which we use in the PRO Service ($249/mo):

Now a trading technique: A fresh leg down, followed by a 61.8% Fib retracement that is quickly followed by a red down arrow. Bingo, a new leg down begins:

Now what? The biggest, longest and most volatile downdraft since at least the "Covid Crash," of March 2020 a time in which the Dow and other indexes were down 38% in six weeks. 

Some times are better than others for trading options on the stock market. We are entering one of those better times now, today, Tuesday January 18, 2022. It's in the charts, the arrows, the trend lines, the Fibonacci based price patterns and most of all, the willingness to bet $1 to make $ six weeks. 

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