Before The Deluge

We have been right in our expectations for a fall sell-off, although the jury may be still out on the massive third wave down at multiple degrees of trend. If the latter is unfolding it will make itself known soon enough, possibly after a brief retracement rally which allows a time window for new strategic positioning before the deluge. 

This is our recent performance table in the Blue Line Premium Trading Service, trades put on in our basic subscription service during Sept-Oct: 

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Next Trade

The week ahead will be affected by the war in the Middle East, the FOMC meeting on Wednesday and Apple's earnings on Thursday/Friday. The market could tank right out of the gate on Monday morning and never look back, or, it finds very temporary solace and mounts a rally measured in days, no more, right into the Fibonacci retracement rectangle. Both subscription services will be using next week to move from November to December monthly expiration, buying more time and moving out of what have become deep in the money strikes, to gain more leverage for the big one.  

DJI Daily Trend Model 

A rally back into the grey rectangle is a 50-50 bet. Use any such rally to get positioned for what is coming next. If no such rally is forthcoming its straight down through the gates of hell. No one is expecting that.  


Some of them were dreamersAnd some of them were foolsWho were making plans and thinking of the futureWith the energy of the innocentThey were gathering the toolsThey would need to make their journey back to natureWhile the sand slipped through the openingAnd their hands reached for the golden ringWith their hearts they turned to each other's hearts for refugeIn the troubled years that came before the deluge