Wednesday Night Special Alert

From Our Wednesday Night Special Alert:

"The Nasdaq was down 4% Wednesday, the Dow was down 2.4%. The equivilent of a 4% drop in the Dow would have been just over 1,000 points. 

"In the bull market days, price action like this was rare, but then always, always, always a great time to buy. In a bear market, especially one that could be of epic proportions, declines like this are not buying opportunities, they are signposts."

Below are the exact Alerts sent out to subscribers Monday-Wednesday. Collectively  they sum up how we have been approaching this market on a macro basis. At the end, a mild solicitation to subscribe to our service. Indulge me. 

Alerts Sent To Subscribers This Week 


Monday, October 22nd

GS is all but certain to trigger Short at the Close. Any other new signals will be sent out later today (none are evident mid-day) after the Close. 
Sell Signal: GS ->  Nov $220P ($4.50) or Dec $215P ($5.40) 
Tuesday, October 23rd

Downside volatility is back. Last time, on October 10th, the IWM Nov $60 puts and VXX Oct $32 calls were recommended as ways to quickly ramp up portfolios on the Short side.  Here are some aggressive ideas for today as the market has now dropped over 500 points in just the first hour of trading: 

IWM Nov $150 Puts
QQQ Nov $165 Puts
VXX Nov $40 Calls
The mechanical trading system is already generating a Sell on CRUS for which I am looking at the Dec $35 Puts. 
Wednesday October 24th

I want to get this out early and although there are no pending system trades, the GS and CRUS Sells from earlier this week are still looking good for entry as are the index options recommended yesterday (see below). 

Just when the news cycle looks as bad as it can get, today's bomb scares takes it up to an entire new level. Beware copy-cat violence on both sides of this dangerously divided country. In a worst case scenario this divide along with evolving geopolitical instability sets us up for a market panic. Whether or not it comes is less an issue than being prepared if it does. 

Yesterday's Aggressive Market-Short Suggestions 

IWM Nov $150 Puts
QQQ Nov $165 Puts
VXX Nov $40 Calls

EEM: October $43 Puts expired @ $2.00, up from entry at $1.16. If you have not rolled into November, do it now with the Nov $40 puts, trading at about 1.60. 


Every one of these recommendations paid off big time on Wednesday.




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