A Lesson From Trades Not Taken

Find something that works...then trade it.  It is not enough to design a trading model that wins more often than it loses, and whose wins are 5X or larger than its losses. There is another component to trading, actually taking the trade. Below is our reminder that winning means playing; no ands, ifs, or buts. 

On the chart below I've embedded our TSLA Trading Model's most recent two Intermediate Term Trading Signals, with out-of-the-money options' performance. These two say it all, and although it is rare to hit it out of the park on two TSLA trades in succession, the model has done exactly that. 

The first signal was a Sell Signal on Sep 29, 2022 @ $268. TSLA fell to a low of around $101 on January 6, 2023 before reversing Long on Jan 17th @ $131.

At the time of the Sep 29th Sell, the way-out-of-the money Mar 2023 $150P was trading at about $7.00. During TSLA's dramatic slide into the new year, this Put traded as high as $44 and was trading at $28 when TSLA finally reversed Long on January 17th. Holding signal-to-signal resulted in a return of 300%, although at one time that return was as high as 500%. 

At the time of the Jan 17th Buy Signal, the then way-out-of-the-money Jun 2023 $200C was trading at 4.50. It has since been as high as 31.38, closing Friday at 25.75, a return of 472%. Also shown on the chart for this most recent TSLA Model Buy Signal is the Mar 17th $150C, trading on Jan 17th at 6.65 and trading as high as 44.39, a return of 570%.

TSLA is the one stock that should be traded without regard to macro market conditions, it travels in own back roads with it's own supercharger network of compelling option trades. We did not act on any of the three above option opportunities in the service, but they were there, triggered and served up on a silver platter if only we had been true to our credo: Find Something That Works...Then Trade It, The TSLA Trend Models work, they are an option traders delight, and although not perfect, they have proven themselves profitable over the years we have been trading both models. 

Currently: We are standing-by for TSLA to correct to where it will either trigger a reversing Sell Signal, or, trigger a repeat Buy Signal. We have passed on our last TSLA trading signal, for better or for worse, future signals go out to all subscribers, no questions asked,