Were You In The Game When We Hit This Home-run?

The Occasional Home Run - GBTC

Sometimes we get it right and hit one out of the park. Such is the case with Special Situation play, GBTC. This is an ETF that holds only Bitcoin, which itself is up over 700% the past year and up 70% over the past month, while GBTC is up 900% over the past year and 70% over the past month. Our current Long trade is up 155% since the July 21st Buy Signal.  

Why the difference in 12-month returns? There is a premium over cash value in this ETF, probably because it is so easy to use it as a way to participate in Bitcoin-mania so investors are willing to pay up. Not all of our trades are going to do this well in such a short period of time, so don't expect to hit home runs at every at bat. We are mostly interested in doubles and triples (with the occasional strike out). In the end, we expect to win MVP. Thats why it's important to take your swings, otherwise you are just sitting on the bench. 

If you've been on the bench for a while, or just want to get in the game, we have an offer for you. Take advantage of this promotion before we decide to take it down. All you have to do is decide which team you want to be on:

Blue Line CLASSIC        


Blue Line PRIME