Weekend Update: Tesla Will Go Higher, Much, Much Higher

Weekend Update: Tesla Will Go Higher; Much, Much Higher

In part from Blue Line Trading, Posted July 22, 2017

I've decided to post this Weekend Update on Tesla over on Seeking Alpha, so excuse the slight change in format, they have some rules like correct spelling and no typo's that I don't pay that much attention to in my subscriber updates, preferring instead to focus on trade ideas. Speaking of which we have a new Buy in GBTC (see tables below). I'm working on some new videos and a coming Webinar which should happen before the end of July (read: August), everything just takes longer than expected these days.

It's been awhile since I posted an Instablog here on Seeking Alpha, preferring instead to share my ideas with paying subscribers to my trading services. It is the proliferation of anti-Tesla articles and idiotic comments thereunder on that has brought be back to posting. 

With what I figure is roughly about 10-1 TSLA bears to bulls on Seeking Alpha, we have a screaming long term TSLA Buy Signal. Notwithstanding interim declines of anywhere from 5-20% in the shares, TSLA is about as close as it comes to Amazon in the late 1990's. That's when everyone hated both Amazon shares and its CEO, Jeff Bezos.

From Wikipedia:

Bezos founded Amazon in 1994 after making a cross-country drive from New York to Seattle, writing up the Amazon business plan on the way. He initially set up the company in his garage...

...A profile published in 2013 described a 1982 interview he gave after he was named high school class valedictorian. The 18-year-old Bezos "said he wanted to build space hotels, amusement parks and colonies for 2 million or 3 million people who would be in orbit. 'The whole idea is to preserve the earth' he told the newspaper .... The goal was to be able to evacuate humans. The planet would become a park.

This second paragraph is especially poignant as it correlates well with the vision of Elon Musk, the man who wants to take paying passengers to Mars (albeit not in my Model S you don't).

So where is TSLA on the AMZN trajectory?

Say what you will about profits and sales and tax incentives, but the similarities are striking. A company led by a visionary that is losing money on every product that it sells. Who else besides Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk comes to mind? Yes, Steve Jobs. And how did his vision turn out?

How To Trade TSLA's Coming Ascent

Every TSLA Buy Signal in our trading system HAS to be bought. Those bumps along the road, those 10-20% declines in stock price along the way will be alerted to early enough in their descent by our algorithm to sidestep most of them. As the shares shed the downside and turn back up, the new Long trend will be identified and Buy Signals will begin kicking in. Take them, no questions asked. The ride will be exquisite...just like the car, just like the reusable rocket boosters to Mars. This is the future of transportation on a scale that is just beginning make itself known to man, and to investors who have the vision to see it.

TSLA Short-Term Chart
This is how we dodge potential steep declines. The algorithm smelled out a decline coming on this 240 minute price chart in late June and we exited at about $356. As of now, we will get back in above $350. No, we didn't save the much on the decline, but nor did we risk anything worse than has happened so far. 
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