Blue Line Trading: Track Record


25% Annual Pre-Payment  Discount

Presenting the trading results below makes this a good time to renew our offer of a 25% subscription discount for annual subscriptions.  It is as straight forward as that. Annual subscriptions will be billed one time per year at a rate that is discounted 25% from current monthly rates. The process is painless, simply send us an email to: and we will take care of the rest. 


Trading Results From New Exit Strategy

In August of this year we initiated a new options exit strategy which we call Trailing Profit-Taking. This is an interim report card on the strategy, covering all of the trades generated and exited via the new strategy. These results include all  closed as well as currently open trades. (In order to provide a more statistically significant data set, trades initiated in July were included.)

The average gain per trade is found in Row 17 in the Classic Portfolio (Intermediate Term) and Row 25 in the Prime Portfolio (Short-Term). 

Despite fits and starts in the first half of 2017, especially in the Intermediate Term portfolio, the initiation of the new exit strategy has generated excellent overall returns. The Classic system which trades less frequency is showing an average gain per option trade of 41.39%. The shorter term Prime system which trades more frequently is showing an average gain of 30.25% trade. In addition, winners far outnumber losers, and winning trades are much larger than the losing trades. 

These new exits have dramatically reduced both the size and number of losing trades. This is the result of using a dynamic trailing stop from the initiation of the trade which reduces risk commensurate with the rise in price of the option. The results also show that we have significantly reduced the number of trades that go from positive to negative while waiting for the underlying stock trend to reverse.

There is one downside to this new strategy: Sometimes it gets out of a trade too early, a trade that goes on to make larger profits. But trading is not about a single trade, or even a single month. That's why the Average Gain per Trade is an important statistic. It evens out the outliers and offers a more realistic understanding of how the system works. Making 41% and 30% per trade renders big gains and big losses mostly irrelevant. By continuing to take all (or even most) trades, these returns will end up in your own trading accounts.


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Blue Line Prime: Short-Term Trades

Blue Line Classic: Intermediate-Term Trades