Excerpts from Oct 1st Weekend Update

Some excerpts below from the just published Oct 1st Blue Line Premium Service Weekend Update.


We are on our second round of IYR puts, the first being the Sep 16th $100P bought on May 3rd, those then rolled into the Nov 18th $90P on Sep 16th. The gains combine for a 246% total return to date.

We were expecting mid-70's by Sep expiration, but look to have been a month early on the timing. Much lower prices are indicated for IYR into Oct 21st - Nov 18th, as real estate (and crypto) could be the next leaders to the downside. This IYR put trade has now more than tripled since May 3rd and is likely to triple again by Nov 18th expiration. 


There are three weeks remaining in the Oct 21st UVXY calls, purchased in both the Blue Line Premium and Blue Line PRO Services on Sep 16th, pursuant to roll-over instructions from expiration of Sep 16th UVXY calls. Assuming an acceleration of the Wave 3 meltdown expected in the immediate weeks ahead, a more leveraged play is recommended for at least part of this position.

Smart Money 

LQD has now broken down below a 15 year trend channel and appears destined to test its 2008-2009 lows. Note how easily it sliced through to its "Covid Crash" lows, which then provided only token (a-b-c) support for the July-August counter-trend rally. I just wrote above that real estate (and crypto) may be leading the next leg down, let me amend that to include, "smart money," as well. 

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