Comped Weekend: Sometimes We Just Nail It

Below in its entirety is the Weekend Update sent out to all paid subscribers, Premium and/or PRO, to Blue Line Trading System. I don't often just give away this content, but as you will read, not being a paid subscriber can cost more than a subscription, especially the first month with is one-half off signing up with the Code: GOPRO@50%. New picks are coming, it would be a shame to miss out. 

A Good Week For Numbers

Some personal matters require this to be an abbreviated Weekend Update today, but with the results shown below I don't think anyone will mind. Some interesting new set-ups are stirring in the 30 or so trading stocks I monitor, so we may be adding to this list in this service as soon as next week. If you missed either or both of these, let the numbers below serve as motivation not to miss the next one. 

Two outstanding Buy Signals grace our still open Options Tables, the Buy Signal for Bitcoin and BITO calls of February 12th and the Buy Signal for Gold and GLD calls of March 1st. 

GLD & BITO Option Trades


One way to look at this EW set-up: Either the top is in (five waves complete) or, its going to $100K by summer. 


Up 642% and 342% respectively, the March and Jun Bitcoin (BITO) calls are our best trade of 2024. Protect gains with a trailing stop, if those two returns get cut in half, take some or all profits. We will be rolling over the March BITO position into April calls sometime next week. 



Like Bitcoin, Gold shows alternative scenarios, one of which is for much higher highs into early summer. I don't think that is a coincidence, its more like speculative fever or somebody knows something is brewing and is buying alternative financial assets.