Weekend Update and Exciting Things To Come

Allan is traveling this weekend for his aunt's 98th Birthday celebration. Monday will be business as usual, but we wanted to share some exciting updates that are happening behind the scenes:

1. We are almost ready to launch our member section of the website! Our goal is to continue to make it as easy as possible to follow the system and manage your subscription, so we want to reiterate the importance of having your preferred email address updated for trade alerts. Further instructions will be provided when this tool is ready for use!

2. Coming SOON: short tutorials, tips, and webinars. Your success is our success. Our priority is to make the system as easy to manage as possible while adding some news, insight, and analysis...and maybe some entertainment along the way!

3. Speculative Trades and Tips: As an added bonus for paid subscribers, we are adding a speculative markets category for fun

4. Member Referral Program: Want to add some free time to your subscription? Stay Tuned...

In the mean-time, we are still offering a trial for new subscribers. It's free, so don't miss it before we take it down. 

-The Blue Line Trading Team