We Found Something....and It Works: Take The Profits & Run

On Thursday, June 28 my new e-book will be available for purchase on Amazon:

Find Something That Works, Then Trade It:
The Take The Profits and Run Stock Option Trading System

How good is it? For eight years we have been trading an options system based upon trend following, using stock options to exploit primary trends in the markets. The new methodology is so killer that we have thrown out a perfectly good and profitable system with an eight year track record and are trading the Take The Profits and Run methodology EXCLUSIVELY! 

I am risking the success of my entire online trading service, Blue Line Trading,  not ot mention my own personal trading accounts, on the continuing performance of this new system. Now the kicker: I am giving the system away for $2.99. Why? Because most people will not believe anything that costs under $3 could be any good, or as easy to trade. They will find it "too complicated," (really)?, or they will give the system a try and the first time they stumble into a bad trade they will discard it, saying to themselves, "I knew it was too good to be true." Yet a handful of skeptical, but curious and certainly bold traders will give it a serious look, trade it for a month or two, realize what an exceptional a strategy they have lucked into and will remember me for the rest of their lives. I like that legacy.

Buy it on Amazon Thursday, or buy it right now by clicking here.