TSLA/AAPL Analogue: Exponential Growth Ahead

Excerpt from Blue Line Trading System, Weekend Update May 20 2023

The TSLA analogue to AAPL and its introduction of the iPhone from the early 2000's continues as a guiding light looking into a 5-10 year window into the future. All of the price appreciation to the right of 2013 for AAPL is yet to come for TSLA. Cybertruck is coming into full production over the next 12 months, and Elon Musk has hinted at activating full self driving for a free month to all Tesla owners, the final step into a future that will logically and legally lead to mandating full self driving for all vehicles, or else be sued mercilessly by the personal injury bar and their stats that Tesla's artificial intelligence saves lives, dramatically reduces injuries and minimizes property damage. All auto manufacturers will be licensing Tesla's FSD intellectual property, with a close to 100% profit margin per vehicle. This is not even close to being priced into TSLA's market capitalization, even 5 -10 years out. Count on the chart below how many times AAPL doubled in price from 2013 to 2023. That's whats coming for TSLA, market meltdowns along the way, notwithstanding. 

TSLA/AAPL Analogue Continues

I've omitted the Elliott Wave counts so as not to distract from the dramatic opportunity at hand, entering the exponential growth phase of game changing technological and transportation evolution, with TSLA leading the world as it advances into an almost unimaginable future.

"It's not just another cell phone, just like it's not just another electric car."

-June 29, 2007 the day Apple launched the iPhone