TSLA: YTD Option Trades

With the expiration of the TSLA Sep 15th option series on Friday, here is a quick look at how the Bleu Line Premium ($99/mo) Service is doing with TSLA, year-to-date:

With 2.0 million Cybertruck deposits and earnings due out on October 18th, now is about as perfect a time as any to start trading TSLA options with Blue Line Trading System with our Premium Service and/or PRO Service.  The average realized gain on TSLA trades in 2023 is +174.76%, while the average Best Level gain is +285%

Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. 

Longer term, TSLA price performance in the next 3-5 years will rival Apple Computer in it's heyday, circa 2010-2020. As a reminder:

AAPL Monthly

TSLA Weekly

This is our long term TSLA view which allows (but does not demand) for one more cycle down turn before the heart of.a multi-year wave 3 higher takes over. We expect TSLA share price to be up 5X to 10X before Wave 3 ebbs around mid-to-late decade. The calls and LEAPS in the Premium Table above constitutes a snapshot of what we expect will be forthcoming in the months and years ahead. In summary, one in four TSLA trades will not work out, one in four will gain exponentially and two of four will be satisfied with triple digit returns over the course of 2-4 months. If you can live with those kind of returns, you should be trading TSLA calls and if so inclined, exclusively TSLA calls. 

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