TSLA - Sep 15th $200 Call Update

This is an actual Blue Line Trading System PRO Alert that was sent out during market hours last Thursday, May 26th. It was posted on the PRO Subscriber website around 11:00 am EDT and emailed to PRO Subscribers around an hour later. Right now you can get a PRO subscription for 50% off first month ($249*50% = $124.50) and that first month will probably contain our best trade of 2023, maybe our best three trades of 2023. If you have never tried our PRO Service, June 2023 is the month to start. Even if you have tried it, June is the month to renew.

"Yes, it's me, banging on the table." - A 


For the shorter-term two key levels stand out. First, 180 on the downside puts the short-term trend model is Sell pending mode, so any drop below 180 that can stay below 180 for more than a day or two would be a warning that a deeper retracement is likely. For the upside, price is approaching the top channel line just above 190. Any move above 195-200 price zone would strongly suggest 220 is next and 250 after that. 

TSLA 240 Minute Trend Model


50% Trailing stop from best price = $20.60/2 = $10.30

50% Trailing stop from best precent gain = 135%/2 = +67.71% = $14.68

If holding multiple contracts consider alternating stop methodologies. 

Our TSLA price goal is > $300 before Sep monthly expiration, which would price this call at or above $100, for over a 10X gain from our entry on May 5th. The expectation is for 2 out of 3 of these short term option positions in TSLA to show a minimum of triple digit gains, and for 1 out of 3 to be either exited pursuant to a 50% trailing stop, or become worthless at expiration. Doing the math, that is an excellent option trading return for this or any other stock, with the periodic grand slam home run of a 10 or better bagger. 

TSLA Hourly with Key Breakout Level

[EDIT: New PRO Position Performance & Stop Numbers After Friday's Close]