TSLA: What Happens Next?

TSLA is in a decade long five wave impulse pattern UP. The first wave lasted from 2019-2022 with the heart of it in 2019-2021. We nailed it. Wave 2 started late 2021 and appears to have ended the first week of January, 2023, the implication of which is that Wave 3 up is in its early stages. Based on gains made trading TSLA and its options, short-term, intermediate term and long-term during the 2019-2021 impulse up, we are anticipating doing even better in the imminent, if not already beginning, Wave 3. Our first two trades in the new leg up are already on the board and are embedded in the TSLA Intermediate Term Chart below. 

TSLA Intermediate Term (Daily)

Our more aggressive and often shorter-term oriented Blue Line PRO Service bought calls on March 21st when Buy Signals were generated on the 240 minute intra-day chart. Blue Line Premium Service followed suit, only it waited for a Buy Signal to be generated on this Intermediate (Daily price bars) Model at the close of trading on March 29th. Note how the shorter-term Sep 2023 option selection in the PRO Service is up almost 2X the percentage return of longer-term Jan 2025 LEAPS. As TSLA price momentum picks up (close above $220) we will get more aggressive with three to six month options, while keeping the 2025 expiration as a shares substitute for long term positioning.

TSLA Option Trading Videos

During the first leg up, Wave (1) Up, 2019-2021, we were trading TSLA based on on the Trend Models as well as a simple stochastic cycle. Our Short-Term System (PRO Service) uses intraday charting for shorter-term strategies while our Premium Service relies primarily on our Daily Price Bar Trading Model. Once Wave 3 up picks up momentum, it won't matter what you are trading, TSLA calls will be generating massive returns in all time frames. These three brief videos lay out the groundwork, first principles if you will. They open in new windows because you don't want to miss the price projections that follow: 

TSLA Short-Term Trading System

TSLA: What Happens Next?

Lessons From Trades Not Taken


White Paper: "Pending" 

The new white paper is still in the early stages and the more I dig into the next five years of growth, the more bullish the outlook. I thought $3 Trillion (about $1,000/share) was aggressive, but now it's more neutral to conservative and the big question market is when, not if. Going out to second half of this decade, a $5 Trillion market cap is working its way into the picture. In other words, 2020-2030 = Decade of Tesla.

For every Tesla you see on the road next to you, across from you, ahead of and behind you, think of the TSLA shares, calls and LEAPS Blue Line Trading Subscribers will be holding all the way up while Tesla becomes the most highly valued technology (including, but not limited to, artificial intelligence), energy and transportation company in the world. As many of our subscribers in December of 2019 found out, it only takes one trade to literally change your financial life. And all just because this guy in Scottsdale, Arizona was pounding the table every Sunday. Only this time, it's a Wave 3.  

TSLA Price Projections (w/Links) 

While waiting for, "that guy in Scottsdale," to publish his new white paper on TSLA, here is a sampling of what others are thinking, including some Artificial Intelligence generated price projections going out the next 5 years. My sense is that even the most optimistic of these numbers $2,547, is not taking into account that TSLA is one of the world's leading AI Technology companies, nor the fact that the world's leading auto manufacturing company, i.e., they manufacture the machine that makes the machine. At some point in the next few years, probably sooner rather than later, TSLA will achieve the highest market cap of any company in the world (currently held by Apple @ $2.6 Trillion), and then some.  We will be riding shares, calls and LEAPS, all the way up. 


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