The Most Valuable Enterprise On Earth

On Aug 31, 2020 TSLA split 5:1, taking share price down from $2,491 to $498. On January 25, 2021 share price reached $900, a gain of $402 (80%) in just five months from the August split. A similar move after the 3:1 split coming up on Aug 25th will take TSLA 80% higher by the end of January 2021. Based on its current price of $935, that would be approximately $1,683 (pre-split). 

TSLA - Longer Term Elliott Wave Structure

Why would TSLA replicate it prior post split performance? Why would it not?  TSLA is at least 5X the company today that it was in August of 2020. The foundation is in place for TSLA to appreciate exponentially through the rest of this year and into all of 2023. Only an adverse macro environment could affect this phenomenal expansion in organic growth and shareholder value and even in that case it would only serve to delay, not invalidate. 

Below are our current TSLA calls for each trading service. We will be rolling into new strikes and expirations post-split, based in relevant part on the long term Elliott Wave 3 Up into 2023-2024 (see chart). 

TSLA Open Calls - PRO Service

TSLA Open Calls - Premium Service

Participating in the emergence of Tesla as the most valuable enterprise in the world and on its way to having the highest market cap of any public company (currently AAPL @ $2.6 trillion) is reason enough to be a member of this trading service, whether participating in other trades or not. By mid-Nov 2022 we should have an all clear from the macro environment, and I suspect TSLA will be first out of the gate in any new bull market with an electrifying Wave 3 of 3 higher.