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On Saturday, a strike on two major Saudi Arabian oil refineries knocked out about half of the country's oil production. Late Sunday the world oil markets opened for the first time since the attack. The reaction:

Oil Explodes 19% Higher, Biggest Jump In 28 Years

All of these optionable stocks and/or ETF's are now in play:

USO - Crude Oil ETF

XOP - Oil & Gas Exploration ETF

XLE - 3X Oil & Gas Exploration (An alternative to options.) 

Oil dependent stocks sectors will also be in play; the transportation sector in particular:

IYT - Transportation Average 

AAL, DAL, LUV - Airlines

FDX - Federal Express

UPS - United Parcel Service

UNP - Union Pacific (Rail) 

CSX - CSX (Rail) 

On a worst case basis, the entire global stock market is in play, including ETF's of emerging markets with economies extremely sensitive into the price of energy:

EEM - Emerging Markets

EFA - Developed Markets

RSX - Russia

KSA - Saudi Arabia

We will  be making recommendations as this week unfolds and the magnitude of the event and its repercussions begins to make itself known. 

If there ever was a time to get aggressive trading options in the stock market, and in particular energy and related sectors, THIS IS IT!  


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