Trading Tesla Calls

From Saturday's Weekend Update to Blue Line Trading PRO & Premium subscribers:


The least expensive option on the table posted in Monday's update was the Aug $2250C @ $13.24. At the time TSLA was trading at $1300, so that call was almost $1,000 out-of-the-money with only 7 weeks until expiration. It closed the week at $63.00, a gain of 375%. That is why we trade options. 

We have the proverbial tiger by the tail with TSLA. Let's not collar the potential with a price "target," all price targets do with this stock is humble. Let the fundamental analysts try to figure it out, we just need to hold our calls and shares tight and let auto-pilot do rest. 

Another reason why we trade options:


From the Jun 10th Premium Service Update, "Breakout":

"Since the beginning of June we have been focused shorter-term almost exclusively on TSLA. The reason was a rare convergence of bullish pattern recognition (System & Stochastic) and the appearance of one of Wall Street's most ardent Tesla bulls on CNBC. In terms of the Premium and PRO portfolios, it also was a rare instance where there were three outstanding Long positions in this single stock."

This acceleration in TSLA's market valuation is not over and even in the event of a Wave 3 down in the market, this stock will come out of it and continue its run much higher. There will be more option trading opportunities along the way, more System Buy Signals, both Intermediate and Short-Term, more Stochastic Buy Signals, and more four-figure call option returns. As the Carpenters beautifully put it: "We've only just begun."

YouTube Video: Trading Tesla Calls