Too Late To Buy Tesla?


Are you nuts?

("No, it's not too late.") 

I know you're not supposed to answer a question with a question, but there some questions that simply demand another question in response. At the end of January Tesla will be announcing 4th quarter 2019 earnings. The $100 run (so far) in December is likely in anticipation of blow-out revenues and earnings...yes earnings as Tesla was profitable in the third quarter 2019, years ahead of most estimates.  After the company announced the 3rd quarter results the stock gapped from $250 - $300 the next day, That's 20% in one day.

The TSLA Jan $300C went from $6 to $24; Currently: $147. 

We are about to rollover our Jan 2021 TSLA $420 call which was way out-of-the-money (by $85) when we first bought it on Dec 9th, and is now $10 in-the-money. On a stock running like Tesla and with the catalyst of earnings coming up in about a month, the out-of-the-money calls will give us the most bang for the buck. We will also be looking at some less expensive calls that will be a good speculative fit for smaller accounts. 

Below are our current open trade positions for both our Premium and PRO services (as of mid-session, Thursday). Below the performance results are two TSLA charts, the first a Daily chart and the second an Hourly chart.

We are still offering 50% off for the first three months for new subscriptions which is an inexpensive way to get that new low-priced call recommendation and follow our coverage of Tesla into the new year. Note: All PRO Service subscriptions include Premium Service.

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Blue Line PRO Service - Open Trades

Blue Line Premium Service - Open Trades

Tesla Daily

Tesla Hourly


Real Time Blue Line TSLA Recommendations

Dec 7, 2019: Buy Jan 2021 $420 Call @ $36.  Currently: $84

Dec 9, 2019: Buy Jan 17th 2020 $350 Call @ $14.50: Currently: $83.37

Dec 16, 2020: Buy Jan 17th $375 Call @ $17.20. Currently: $59.35


There are some lower priced nearer term out-of-the-money calls that are trading under $10 ($1,000 per call). I bought the Feb $550 call on Monday for $4.20 ($420 each). Today they hit $6.80 ($680 each). TSLA is running in front of Jan 29, 2020 earnings. That's a one month of rally away. 


While there is positive triple digit potential there is negative triple digit risk (expires worthless). Take what you are willing to risk and use only that much to buy these speculative and expensive calls. TSLA could easily touch and even exceed $500 before earnings. It closed today at $430.80. A similar performance in January as the one in December places TSLA at about $550 the day before earnings. 

Best Bet: Sign up for a trial monthly subscription - 50% off for the first 90 days - and get my daily advice on TSLA and our other trading stocks. 

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