The Week(s) Ahead: Rock Me On The Water

Oh, people, look around youThe signs are everywhere

Jackson Browne: Opening lines to:  "Rock Me On The Water."


The Internet may have its flaws, but if you look long and hard enough, occasionally a hidden gem can be had. In the case of this weekend, two hidden gems posted on X that provide the backdrop for what is coming to the market in the weeks ahead. Please take your time with each of these because the reward for grasping the messaging will make 2024 a great year for trading options (see our just closed-out Bitcoin March calls, set out below). Just which options and when to enter are part of the content included with Blue Line's paid services, but stare at these charts long enough and you won't need my advice (or anyone else's) on what to do and when. Or maybe, its worth a discounted first month subscription just to see how I am handling the week(s) ahead. 

Two Guest Charts of The Week


These charts are setting up a high likelihood of a downturn from current prices. Days and weeks are a given, months are also on the table. Everything doesn't come together like this very often and the last element needed is price confirmation, something we started to see toward the end of last week. I expect the nails in the coffin to come next week. By way of a hint, we have Bitcoin down close to $10,000 off of its highs on Thursday to its low late Saturday:

Bitcoin - 120 Minute

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An option trading service for the rest of us. Our latest closed out trade was Long Bitcoin on Feb 12, 2024, via BITO March 15th Calls. Let the numbers do the promoting:

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