The Week Ahead - More Like The "Dip" Ahead

This chart strongly suggests that a major turn down is about to occur in both Nasdaq and Russell 2000. It may not happen on Monday, but for every day it doesn't happen, the odds increase for the following day. Study the chart for a few minutes and imagine the next likely move based on historical RSI (top indicator window) peaks. That's what we're looking for with our patented (not really) Key Level analysis to trigger into short positions.  


We have identified Key Levels in both SPY and QQQ which if taken out will trigger the acquisition of Jan 2024 put positions currently situated just out-of-the-money. Our own proprietary trading charts (not shown) suggest a 3X to 5X increase in those options if the turn down begins in the days ahead. If not, we wait patiently for Mr. Market to signal when it wants to turn down and will adjust our expiration and strikes accordingly,

Meanwhile, we have our sights on TSLA calls and there too have identified Key Levels that will trigger aggressive acquisition of 2024 calls in anticipation of $4 billion in Cybertruck revenue in fiscal 2024, and 4X that as Cybertruck rolls into full production over the next three years. As for stock price, that projection takes into account revenue from 2.0 million Cybertruck reservations, which will take 4-5 years to fulfill. Imagine that, all you can sell of product with while running production 24/7 at full capacity. Think iPhones, only starting out @ $60K each. 

Cybertruck: The Power Beneath The Beast.