Two Monday's Left In October: Will One Be Synonymous With The Abject Absence of Light?

Excerpt from Blue Line Trading Service Weekend Update Oct 21, 2023:


This IWM trade (in the PRO Service) expired today at it's high print since entry on Aug 4th: 

The Russell 2000 (IWM) is leading the market down and it looks like more of the same in the days and weeks ahead. Why? Pure pattern recognition, a/k/a/ Elliott Wave Principle in which large trends move in defined 5-wave directional moves that are made up of fractals of those same moves. With these same patterns unfolding in each of our followed index ETF's, a compelling case for hard down is being made across all stock market indices. 

Note: I've placed a red down arrow at the Aug 4th entry for the first IWM trade set out in the table. (PRO subscribers see "Bonus Bet" in Aug 3rd PRO Update).

My point isn't to pound my chest with stellar market timing, it is to give a heads-up to all Premium and PRO Subscribers for the kinds of returns expected in the current Nov-Dec-Jan option positions:

[Option Positions Table Omitted]

All of the above are still strong buys, absent a market crash come Monday (not expected, but if so, I will send out some updated positioning advice). We have waited a long time for this third wave down at multiple degrees of trend to assert itself, and as shown on the charts below, "Acceleration Down" is still ahead. 

End of Excerpt

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