The Old Ball Game


In the past few weeks three major league baseball players signed contracts worth collectively over $1 billion. Not one of them is known for his bunting prowess. Yet, the math says that a baseball team that has every batter bunt, and if 8 out of 10 of ten can bunt safely and get to first base, that team will win championship after championship. Rarely does the team with the most home runs in a season make it that far and sometimes, they don't even make it to the playoffs. Successful bunting is an under-appreciated art. 

Below is a table of our most recent "bunt to first" trading results from our Blue Line Trading Short-Term (we call it "Blue Line Premium") Trading Service. It is an illustration of how the system works. These were actual trades sent out to subscribers on the dates indicated. The objective is to bunt to first, i.e., taking the first 35% of profits on the recommended option and then exit the trade. If the option doesn't reach +35% and instead loses 75% of its value, we take the out and exit the trade. Then it's next batter up. 

The table shows all of our trades from February 19th to April 2nd, 2019 (out of fairness to current subscribers, the past week's trades are subscriber-only). Of 18 trades 15 reached first with a +35% gain, two struck out with a 75% loss, and one is still at bat having neither gained 35%, nor loss 75% (that's the NUGT Sell from March 11th). 

You can watch the game on TV, listen on the radio, or put on your cleats and join  us on the field. The service is $99/month and you can hit right or left, we are apolitical. Our only goal: Bunt to first and then let the batters advance us around the bases.

P.S. If there was a league for metaphors, no doubt we would be sitting on top of the standings.

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