Bottom Line


 Bottom Line

The bottom line describes the ultimate outcome of a situation or the most important or fundamental facet of that situation. When someone asks for the bottom line, he wants to cut out all superfluous details and focus on the primary problem or objective. So here is the bottom line:


The Next 60 Days

From Blue Line Trading's Aug 3rd Weekend Update: 

"We are entering the worst two months of the year for stock market performance. A swift and deep decline from current levels will present great trading opportunities via puts on stocks and calls on volatility that will have the potential to generate sizable returns. Late this past week we began receiving Sell Signals in both intermediate and short-term time frames that may be signaling the beginning of a new intermediate term trend lower and perhaps not so coincidentally going into those two weakest months of the year. Preliminary Sells are appearing on my SPY and QQQ charts, but they are not yet actionable for trading. That comes next."

The Next 24 Hours

If you have been interested, or tempted, but just not yet convinced to try out Blue Line PRO to since it introduced it in late May, then in the words of Jim Morrison:

"The time to hesitate is through." 


 Superfluous Details

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Another excerpt from the Aug 3rd Update

PRO Traders: Below is the VXX 20-minute chart and the first two back-to-back Buy Signals since early May. From the July 25th Buy (first up arrow) the Aug 2nd $22 calls went from $0.85 to $4.60. A continuation upwards and we should be getting Buys like these on the hourly chart and those would be actionable. Something to look forward to.

Note: This is an example of how quickly options spike in VXX on relatively small moves in the underlying index. Twenty-minute price bars are not a practicable time frame to monitor for swing traders, so we do not trade it in the service, but we do keep an eye on it for indications of what may be setting up on the hourly price bars which we do trade. 




"The time to hesitate is through, no time to wallow in the mire". - The Doors, "Light My Fire, 1967