The Message of 23,500

This chart should be self-explanatory. I went into more detail in this weekend's video: Simple Is As Simple Does.


The only other message that was sent to subscribers this weekend was this one:

As for TSLA, it appears that Battery Day will go well beyond powering Tesla's line of vehicles to powering the world:

Exclusive: Tesla's secret batteries aim to rework the math for electric cars and the grid

With a global fleet of more than 1 million electric vehicles that are capable of connecting to and sharing power with the grid, Tesla’s goal is to achieve the status of a power company, competing with such traditional energy providers as Pacific Gas & Electric (PCG_pa.A) and Tokyo Electric Power (9501.T), those sources said.

Game Changer Game Plan

Buy the shares first, than add mid-term (2-4 months) calls as the trading system(s) generate Buy Signals. Whatever else you may gain from this service, make sure it is at a minimum a vested interest in the future of this company.