The Facebook Prophecy, Part II: Let's Make A Deal


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ProShares Ultra VIX Short-Term Futures (UVXY) - It's a measure of market volatility and all you need to know is that it goes up, way up, when the market goes down.


From June 14 through June 26, while NASDAQ fell 4.4%, UVXY went up 48.11%;
From March 13 through April 2, while NASDAQ fell 8.5%, UVXY went up 63.86%;
From Jan 28 through Feb 6, while NASDAQ fell 11.6%, UVXY went up 193.57%.
FB has fallen 21.81% in three days. 
TWTR has fallen 29.25% in two days.
NFLX has fallen 20.81% in 10 days. 
The thesis behind last weekend's The Facebook Prophecy is that the debacle that is FB (and TWTR & NFLX) is merely a precursor of what is in store for NASDAQ and other major market indexes in the weeks and months ahead. 

Three Questions:

(1) What if I am right this time, and the market takes a dive? 
(2) How will you feel two months from now if you take my advice? 
(3) How will you feel two months from now if you don't take my advice? 

Let's Make A Deal

I've given all who are reading this not only the hen that lays the golden egg: UVXY; I've told you when to buy it (NOW!), and, I've done it all for free. In return, for all of you who profit from advice as the market goes down and UVXY goes up, join my subscription service, Blue Line Trading It's a win-win for all of us. 
If you don't take my advice, that's fine, you don't have to join up...unless of course a few weeks from now you realize you made a big mistake and want to see what I am telling my subscribers to buy then. Like I said, a win-win for everyone. 
I've done my part and I know stock market people by now, and I know if you make a buck from my advice you will do the right thing. We are all in this together.