Tesla (TSLA) On The Cusp of Acceleration -> $3,500/share


Did I get your attention? Apparently so. Let me get right to it:

Tesla in 2018 is were Apple (AAPL) was in 2008. If that is true statement, then TSLA will go up 10X in the next 10 years, as AAPL did from 2007-2017. I am not going to reinvent the wheel here since it has already been done by James Wang, the brilliant wunderkind analyst for for ARK Investments, who manage four of the country's most highly regarded disruptive innovation funds. His complete analysis is linked below. TSLA is one of the only two buy & stocks in my personal and managed accounts. 


"From 2007 to 2018, Apple’s revenue and market capitalization grew roughly tenfold1—making it the most celebrated technology growth story of the 21st century. Apple’s growth was fueled by the most productive period in the company’s history with the release of the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and App Store—each generating sales on par with a Fortune 500 company. Despite selling what is widely regarded as a commodity—computers—Apple’s unique strategy of vertical integration and consumer focus allowed it to build superior products, charge higher prices, and command fanatical customer loyalty. As we look at Tesla in 2018, we see the outlines of another Apple in the making. Tesla resembles Apple in three key areas: a strategy of vertical integration, an imminent product inflection, and a business model transitioning from hardware to services." 

Full article: 

Tesla Through the Lens of Apple