Tesla (TSLA) Calls

With TSLA up 4% Friday all the calls we have been buying for the past month are up as well, some better than others. The table below is made up of a collection of TSLA calls of different strike prices and expirations. You can compare the performance characteristics for just this one day's trading:

Of particular interest is the Feb 21st $600C which closed yesterday's  trading session at $1.42 ($142) and is currently at $2.49 ($249), for a gain of 75.35%. Conceptually, buying a call that is $170 out of the money (40%) with only 50 days until expiration seems like pure folly, but in the grand scheme of TSLA's unbridled momentum, not such a bad idea. We will take a closer look at Tesla calls, and other matters, in tomorrow's Weekend Update. 

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Tesla is a once in a generation opportunity and you will not get better Tesla trading signals anywhere else. My passion for this stock is contagious, but the  good kind...just ask everyone who took the last 50% discounted offer and signed up in time to get our Dec 7th "Stock of the Year" long term call recommendation. We've had three 3 shorter-term Buys in Tesla since, buying Jan 17th, Jan 31st and Feb 21st calls. What's next? It will be in the subscriber-only weekend update due out Saturday Jan 4th. 

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