Tesla: Latest Update

I don't think any of my paid subscribers will mind of I post this excerpt from yesterday's Weekend Update to the free public site. They know why.



Last December TSLA and PLTR were running neck and neck in contention for my 2021 Stock of The Year. That was a good indicator for how these two stocks would fare as both are trading within a margin of error for break-even YTD. As things look mid-2021, I can conceive of no circumstances where Tesla is NOT my Stock of The Year for 2022. That is a powerful vote of confidence for the future of this company and its shares. 

Technicals & Fundamentals

A six month sideways channel between 575-750 is looking more like a base every day. Two dips toward the bottom of the channel were buying opportunities and there may be more before the ultimate breakout occurs. Whether there are any more dips or not, a breakout above 750-775 will scream $1,000 which was my original target for EOY 2021. The fundamental news just keeps getting better and better as Model Y is now sold out for 2021 as new order delivery dates are now January, 2022. If the U.S. electric vehicle tax credit bill is approved, expect the waiting list to double overnight. [Sidenote - My Model 3 with 30K miles on it keeps appreciating in value, up from $37,500 to $43,200 in the past six weeks. Elon Musk - "Tesla's are appreciating assets."] Tesla is a $2T dollar company in the making ($2,000 per share), an AMZN, AAPL, GOOGL and eventually, worth all three of the above combined (eventually = 2030). Buying Tesla shares now, even at $750, will in a few years be in retrospect an obvious no-brainer. But it's not "in retrospect" yet, it's NOW.  

Do not let this one get away: Buy the Shares, the 2023 Calls, and the Vehicle - they are all going up.  

Launching Pad

That was a 12X run-up from the lows of 2020. A breakout of the six-month channel would portend a like kind run-up into the end of 2022, i.e., $9,000. Insane? If it did half as well, $4,500 and I didn't alert my people (that's you) to it, none of us would be sleeping all that well. Worst case it's just like any other stock, it goes up, it goes down. Best case is we nailed it again. Consider this everyone's HEADS-UP.