Generational Phenomenon


On Friday January 15, 2021 we closed out our greatest trade ever:

Dec 9, 2019: Buy TSLA Jan 2021 $84 Call @ $7.22*

Jan 15, 2021:  Call price @ expiration = $740.00*

Return: 10,150%

*prices adjusted for 5:1 split 

For every $3,500 put into this trade, $355,200 was taken out. As an alternative to buying the option, TSLA became our first "Buy & Hold" stock in the service, bought at $70 (split adjusted) and closing Friday, Jan 15th at $826. A stock gain of 1,080% in 14 months. We are still holding TSLA long and strong.  

In addition to the stock and long-term option trades, we also traded TSLA shorter term, winning 14 out of 18 trades in our Short-Term PRO Service and 9 winners out of 12 trades in our Intermediate Term Premium Service. Our average gain for all of the above is off the charts, as you would expect with a 10,150% gain on a single trade. Excluding that option trade, the average of total 23 winning Intermediate and Short-Term TSLA option trades was over 500% per trade. 

TSLA can be considered a generational phenomenon, but that was last year. Was TSLA a one-off once in a lifetime trading opportunity, or is there another one knocking on our door?

Enter: Bitcoin (BTC). Bitcoin was up a little over 200% in 2020 and in the first two weeks of 2021, another 25%. From its 2019 lows, BTC is up over 1,000%.  BTC is the "New TSLA." We see the same developmental attributes in BTC that we saw and continue to see in TSLA, the same price patterns and with them, the same opportunities to buy, hold and/or trade BTC by itself, via its "ETF" proxy, GBTC, and with one exceptional individual stock, one that unlike GBTC, trades options.  

Although I can't promise another 10,150% option trade, or another 1,080% stock trade, I can promise that we will be using the same tools and analysis to maximize gains in this new generational phenomenon. TSLA dropped 60% in 30 days in Feb-Mar and another 35% decline in Sep-Oct, but our systems said not only to hold, but to buy the dips. This is the same price pattern we are seeing in BTC, it is why we are stoked for the year ahead, why BTC has become one of our dominant trading models and why we are reaching out to you to join us for another TSLA-like ludicrous mode

We are in the business of making our subscribers money. Not just money, but as TSLA showed us in 2020, the potential to make a whole lot of money. But we can't help anyone if they don't step up and give us the chance. That's what a subscription to one of our two services will do, it will allow us to show you the potential and the path to immense gains in a few select ideas, starting with the King of Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC). 

BTC is a generational phenomenon. It could be up 10X in the next 12-24 months. It is that striking an investment opportunity and we cannot let it go by, just as we could not let TSLA go by 14 months ago. It's time to go all in. Bitcoin is the future, and the future begins now.  

Join us, subscribe to one of our two services. We are trading Bitcoin in both Blue Line Premium for intermediate Term Trades and Blue Line PRO for shorter term trades. 

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"In this sense, it’s more typical of a precious metal. Instead of the supply changing to keep the value the same, the supply is prede­ter­mined and the value changes. As the number of users grows, the value per coin increases. It has the poten­tial for a positive feedback loop; as users increase, the value goes up, which could attract more users to take advan­tage of the increasing value.”

Satoshi Nakamoto - Creator of Bitcoin (August, 2008)