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Tesla Stock Could Soar 1,025% to Achieve a $9 Trillion Valuation, According to Elon Musk

Elon Musk claims Tesla shareholders who buy and hold could see monster returns in the years ahead.

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Tesla (TSLA -5.06%) CEO Elon Musk has never shied away from bold predictions. Last year, he said Tesla would eventually eclipse the combined value of Apple and oil giant Saudi Aramco, which implied a valuation north of $4 trillion at the time. But Musk dialed up his conviction during the latest earnings call with the pronouncement that Tesla could grow fivefold or even tenfold in value.

Here's how that breaks down: Tesla was worth $924 billion on the day of the earnings call, so Musk implied a future valuation of as high as $9.24 trillion. But shares have slipped about 12% since the call took place, so if Musk is reading the tea leaves correctly, Tesla stock could soar about 1,025% from its current price. 

Elon Musk is not alone in making bold predictions about Tesla

Earlier this year, Ark Invest published a valuation model positing colossal returns for Tesla shareholders. It detailed a bear scenario and a bull scenario, valuing the company at $4.4 trillion and $7.9 trillion, respectively, by 2027.

Similarly, tech analyst Gene Munster recently told CNBC that Tesla and Alphabet's Waymo were the two companies best positioned to benefit from self-driving cars. That bullish take aligns with past commentary, including his prediction that Tesla could be worth $2.5 trillion by 2026.


How Blue Line Trading System a/k/a AllanTrends will be trading TSLA over the next 3-5 years. 

We have been trading TSLA aggressively since December, 2019. You can review our trades as far back as you care to go in this free archive. I've proudly posted my TSLA option trades for all to see, including our over the top interim gains that reached 12K% and 10K% in 2020-2021. As this Motley Fool article suggests, there is more coming, a lot more. This $700 billion company is on its way up 10X to become a $7-$9 Trillion company. That will take its share price up from the current $250 to $2500, including at least three, count them THREE, huge option wins in the 10,000% range. Maybe more.  

Shorter-term trades of "lesser" gains in the 500-1,000% range are also coming, based on a proven pattern recognition trading system is custom made for shorter-term TSLA calls. On the one hand, we will be trading LEAPS based on exponential growth over years, while at the same time be will be "scalping" smaller gains with our traditional set of tools. 

The next great long-term entry is due out in the next 30-60 days. That should correspond with shorter-term strategies as well, especially if an expected seasonal crash cycle low asserts. 

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