Strong Sell Off Due

The Sep 9th Weekend Update to Blue Line Trading System PRO and Premium subscribers was entitled, "Strong Sell Off Due." The logic underlying this premise was set and accompanied by a series of charts of different indices and in varying time frames. This update also provided a trigger which would signal an aggressive doubling up of an option position which the services have been circling around for the past week. 

Below are a collection of charts from that subscriber update.  Pattern recognition analysis suggest a 10X return on select  October monthly options in the most popular trading indices, SPY, QQQ and IWM. Subscribers to the service already know what to do if the market follows through on the pattern it has been setting up virtually all summer. It won't take much and our modus operandi is to be forewarned and prepared ahead of any downside volatility. 

Finally, market directional trading aside, the real reason to become a paid subscriber to Blue Line Trading is Tesla (TSLA). It is a generational opportunity to buy the equivalent of Apple Computer in June, 2007 as they introduced the first versions of the iPhone. No one trades TSLA options like we do, but that story is being held in abeyance until the seasonal crash cycle is behind us. When it has passed, the greatest trading opportunity of the decade will assert itself. You want to be with us when it does. 


"Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth."

H. David Thoreau

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"If not for the Sell-Off, than for TSLA"

A. Harris