My Pitch

The stocks in the two tables below are all of my recommended Buy & Hold stocks going back to the original TSLA Buy in December, 2019 (a ten-bagger). Those are some powerful returns. We recently expanded coverage into the Bitcoin sector, which is turning into a prominent new feature of the service, complementing the GBTC recommendation from last August. 

Just about every one of the stocks below, in both tables, was a lot lower at the time of the initial recommendation. Bitcoin (GBTC), Ethereum (ETHE), Tesla (TSLA) and Microstrategy (MSTR) all had great days today, along with our newest addition, Galaxy Digital (BRPHF). Note their entry prices. That's what you get with a monthly paid subscription.

What could go wrong? A market meltdown. We will be on top of that too, with market index puts when the time is right. Not quite yet, but that could change any time. Subscribers first, and eventually I'll post those results in this free newsletter. Just like I am now with the stocks below. 

That's my pitch. Your choice. 


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