Special Situation


Interest rates, bonds and the US dollar are about to make news. In my Weekend Update I made the case for a June option trade in TLT, the ETF for 20-year Treasury Bonds. If there ever was a time to take a trial to Blue Line Trading, this is it. Here are a few of the charts that come together, along with my analysis thereof, to make the case for the trade. Calls or Puts?

This is the kind of Special Situation that we come up with a handful of times a year to make the subscription to my service pay for itself many times over. Remember the "AllAllan" free blogs of the past? This is better. 

Confusing? No, compelling. If it were easy to see, everyone would be seeing it. 

For a $39 -30 day trial I lay it all out in Saturday's "Weekend Update: Special Situation."