"Don't Fight The Tape. Don't Fight The Fed."

Those are the words of Martin Zweig, a regular guest of Wall Street Week and remembered for those words, and for calling live on air and three days in advance, the stock market crash of Oct 19, 1987. Directly below is the lead paragraph in Saturday's Weekend Update to Blue Line Premium Subscribers, along with the important charts highlighted in the issue. Pay special attention to the final chart, the US Government Bond 10 YR Yield, which together with the other charts frame in context the meaning of Zweig's words and advice .

Special Note To Blue Line Subscribers [sent out Nov 5, 2022]

This trading service has been chronicling the bear market all of 2022, all through our combined used of an objective mathematically based Trend Following Model and through pattern recognition analysis with a heavy dose of Elliott Wave theory. I've been posting a lot lately because patterns are setting up for a once in a lifetime event, a series of Wave 3 Downs in multiple degrees of trend. The upside for leveraged trading vehicles such as stock index puts and volatility calls is massive, we do not want to miss this next phase of the bear market. Whatever success you have achieved trading with this analysis and related strategies this year, the real reward lays still ahead, the best trading of our 13 years of publication is just around the corner and will be reflected in our trading tables over the course of the the next 6-8 weeks. Hang in there, "you ain't seen nothing yet."  Now, let's get to work. 

Allan Harris, November 5, 2022

[Charts posted from Premium Service Weekend Update, commentary and trades omitted.]

Index ETF's - Recommendations YTD (Blue Line Premium) 

These are the three most frequent trading ETF's we use in the options picks sent out to subscribers of the lower priced Blue Line Premium Trading Service. These are presented in chronological order, with the newest picks toward the bottom of the list. The "Best Return" cells for these newer picks will be growing exponentially in the weeks ahead and in front of the indicated expirations.