Six Weeks & Counting

Rampant Speculation in AI stocks (See NVDA) rules.

Accordingly, we are on Alert for a fresh Sell Signal that will take the market's breath away (breadth is already gone). Stand-by, subscribe, or just watch from the sidelines. It won't be pretty. 

Best bang for your option bucks are the April monthly puts in QQQ. If you need an exact day or week, forget it, the best I can do is identify "six weeks." Ergo, April 19th puts should include the worst of it, or at least enough of the initial decline to fund a massive return into early summer. 

If you want more details, sign up with this link, using code: GOPRO@50% for 1/2 off your first month. Remember, for your second month, it won't matter what price revert's to, money will no longer be a meaningful figure for this kind of market advice.