Lying In Wait

Lying in wait into the second half of 2023 are two pivotal trading themes. First, the phenomenon that is Tesla is about to shock even the most giddy and resolute TSLA bulls, and second, the bear market that kicked off in late 2021 early 2022 is about to enter a new phase, what will be remembered as a historic Wave 3 down (see DJI chart below). That either one of these market moving events will happen is not in doubt, they are both coming, leaving the only open question whether one will precede the other, or by some miracle of the market Gods, they can occur in sync. Stranger things have happened, so don't discount the incredulous. 

We will soon find out as both timelines are about to clash. What is inevitable is the 10X to 20X option gains that either one will generate, let alone both. What a time it is to be an option trader, and if you are not, why not? Those are real time trades in the tables below and there are more coming. 


So far in 2023 our, "expensive," PRO Service has generated these three TSLA trades. I put "expensive" in quotes because its all relative. Do you really think the extra cost for a hands-on DAILY advice service that has trades like this is worth it? Are you kidding me? 

Blue Line PRO Service

Those Sep 15 $200 Calls cost $875 and at thier peak were up just shy of 10X in less than two months. TSLA is setting up to do it again in the second half of 2023. When it does, I will double the cost of the service. Do you blame me? As always, current subscribers are grandfathered in at $249/mo (50% off first month for new subscribers), but once TSLA exceeds $500 and we generate another 10X on out-of-the-money calls, the price for admission goes to $499/mo and I'll get it. 

As for our Blue Line Trading Premium Service @ $99/mo (50% off first month for new subscribers) not quite as aggressive, but still sitting with 558% gains on their Sep $200C from May 5th. Longer term, the Jan 2025 $420C will be epic as I expect it will be $100 deep in the money about this time next year with still six more months to go until its expiration in the third week of Jan, 2025. 

Blue Line Premium Service

We trade TSLA as well if not better than any option trading service commercially available to professionals or non-professionals alike. We may lease the automobile, but we own the stock, it's patterns, tendencies, cycles and wave counts, and we trade it all with authority and confidence. Our members deserve no less. 

The Big Picture

I sent this weekly DJI chart out in our Weekend Update on Saturday. It suggests a second half filled with surprises, especially  for any perma-bulls out there. 

This longer term chart allows (but doesn't demand) for a dire outcome in the months ahead; minimum, a retracement toward and possibly an impulse deep dive beyond the Covid Crash lows of 2020. You definitely want to be a subscriber when that next red down arrow appears on this chart. To those who regard the Covid Crash as a once in a generation macro anomaly unlikely to be repeated in our lifetimes, I say, what else is lying in wait out there that is unlikely to be repeated in our lifetimes? Exactly

All we need is one of these two market moving phenomenons to occur. Whether its TSLA to all time highs by December expiration, or an out of the blue market crash, our options are destined for 10X to 20X as the calendar runs on the second half of 2023. This is what we do, and as the trading returns on the TSLA trade tables above illustrate better than my elegant prose, we do it damn well. 

Happy Birthday Elon (Jun 28), Happy Birthday Allan (July 2nd)  Happy Birthday America (July 4th), and Happy July 4th To All who I am reaching with today's message. Remember these words come Christmas, 2023 as I will be quoting from them when it comes time to recap our trading for the year.