Simple QQQ Trading System

This is a new, simple, QQQ Trading System that you can do at home with free indicators available on most online charting sites. Or, you can follow along in our trading service just to be sure. 

First, a quick introduction. I've been bearish for most of a year using tradiitonal EW analysis which can be subjective at times. Because the steepest part of the decline is still ahead, it would be easy to give up on the "Wave 3 decline at multiple degrees of trend" and end up missing the entire stock market crash. So I created this much more objective way to getting short at key times based on two standard technical indicators that don't factor in EW at all, it just numbers and all of the calculations are open source. 

QQQ - The Trades Chart

For starters this tutorial is limited to the past year and Sell Signals only. The two indicators at the bottom of the chart are PPO (Percentage Price Oscillator) and the Fear & Greed Index, both of which are included in most charting platforms. You can customize settings, but to keep it simple, these above are standard default settings. 

The rules for Sells are simple, when the indicator reaches overbought zones and turns down, that is a Sell signal for QQQ and I like to use "next month" out-of-the money puts, but to each his/her/it own. The dates of the signals and approximate entries and best levels are shown on the chart. All of the info needed to evaluate this system is above, this is the market we are in and despite the counter-trend rally of the past month, the dominant trend is down and there is probably at least 6-12 more months of it ahead, the worst of it still to come, including trading halts, fear and panic. 

The idea is not to miss the next turn down, probably beginning next week but then again, who knows? The system thinks its imminent and as you can see on the chart, that has been a good trade for over a year now. Will it be different this time? Probably not. 

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One last thing:  A new You Tube video on TSLA went up this weekend. TSLA into 2025 is reason enough to sign-up and I'll get to that subject in a future update. 

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