"Somethings coming, something good..."




Bitcoin went under $1.00 in the heat of the great financial crisis of 2009 to a high $20,000 in December of 2017. The peak of the mania came during the last half of 2017 when bitcoin went up tenfold. Six months into 2018, price fell 70% from its highs, just shy of what the dot.com laden Nasdaq fell in 2000-2002. 

Tilray (TLRY} a Canadian marijuana stock went from an IPO price of $23 ln July 19th to a high of $300 September 19th. Two months later, In four trading days between Sep 14 and Sep 19 the stock tripled and not surprisingly on that Wednesday in September, TLRY hit its highest volume ever. Who was buying at that top? Hint: It wasn't the deep state. 

TLRY and bitcoin are yet two more shots across the bow. I can list a dozen others, but you can read about them elsewhere and these two manias say it all. They are manifestations of a more widespread financial mania that will end badly...they always do. But when? 

In the words of Leonard Bernstein in West Side Story, "Something's coming, something good..." Good? Yes, for the trend followers who will follow the coming debacle all of the way down. 

What is coming down the line could be the investment/trading opportunity of a lifetime. Who, what, how and when does one seize that day? Actually, there is nothing to seize, there is only something to follow: the crashes of bitcoin and the dot.coms and the Lehman Bothers, of the Bear Sterns and banks and financials of 2008 all followed the same trend, that trend that's coming down the road ahead. 

If you want in on this trend following windfall and you don't think you have the time or trading skills to harness what is ahead, let's talk: Send me an email, not to some auto-responder marketing machine, but to me, Allan. Here is my personal email address:  


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